Distribution Days

​​​​May 19                       September 22

June 23                      October 20

​July 21                       November 17

August 25                  December 15​

SHARE Frequently Asked Questions

How can I become a SHARE customer?

There are no income or eligibility requirements. Anyone can become a SHARE customer. "If you eat, you qualify." Each customer is asked to document at least two hours of service to their community each month before buying. If you would like to discuss what counts as community service or to join, you can call 301-552-2412, email your interest to share@ebenezerunited.org, or submit the form on the contact us page and the SHARE Coordinator will be in touch with you.

How can I pay for my SHARE package?

Ebenezer accepts cash, money orders, and EBT payments.

How do I volunteer my time?

You can participate in any community, school event, or church service for at least two hours of volunteer time or ask about the SHARE warehouse volunteer schedule.

When do I pay?

You can pay at the time of ordering/prior to the date of pick-up.

How do I receive my SHARE food bundle?

Each participant picks up his/her SHARE package from Ebenezer UMC or at WTA on the scheduled distribution day.

Have a question that wasn't answered here, email us at share@ebenezerunited.org.

The Self Help and Resource Exchange (SHARE) Food Network allows persons/families to purchase nutritious food bundles each month at low cost in exchange for a commitment to volunteer two hours of one's time in helping others. Monthly value packages cost just $20 and include $40-$50 worth of basic and healthy groceries, typically made up of 4-5 pounds of frozen protein products (red meat, chicken, fish), 1-3 grocery items (such as beans, dessert, rice or other staples), and 8-9 pounds of fresh produce (fruits and vegetables.)  Each package is designed to supplement a family's food budget with savings of up to 50% over grocery retail. Anyone and everyone may buy as many SHARE packages as they'd like. 

Ebenezer is expanding its host site to include the Whitfield Town Apartments (WTA) in Lanham. We are currently running a SHARE pilot program at WTA. We encourage anyone interested in saving money to participate in this program. To find out more information, call 301-552-2412 or email share@ebenezerunited.org.  To see what is on the current menu, click on the appropriate button below.